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Problems Faced by Women due to ED: Causes and Treatment

Problems Faced by Women due to ED: Causes and Treatment

According to , there are much disturbances and problems that ED causes and treatment cannot be directly provided by women. However there are ways that women can help their men to get rid of this problem. But first we take a look at the problems that ED causes for women:

  • Women are over emotional about sexual performance and if the man is unable to get a proper erection, she takes the blame on herself and frets over it, unable to realize that the man is in much more pain than the woman due to his erection problems.
  • Women also feel unsatisfied with their sexual life just like men do and express it through anger and hence creating problems for the relationship.
  • Both partners self-confidence goes down the drain during this phase and women tend to get more emotionally disturbed than men do.

How Can Women Participate in the Treatment for ED Causes?

  • Women can simply stop blaming and worrying about the problem and instead encourage her partner instead of getting worked up herself. Increasing self confidence in men often helps.
  • Arousing a man and controlling him just before his ejaculation can increase his stamina and help avoid early orgasms for the man and more satisfaction for the woman.
  • Invlove and indulge in arousal practices during sexual intercourse and concentrate more on love making and foreplay instead of just sexual intercourse can also help aid ED causes.

Women are more sensitive than men however regarding the sexual performance which becomes a question of manhood for men has a different level of priority for men.

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